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Upcoming Events

February 12th- Education Night 8 pm

February 14th- Music Rehearsal 9:30 pm

February 18th- Music Rehearsal 6 pm 

February 19th- Education Night 8 pm

February 20th- Dine & Shine 5 pm

February 21st- Music Rehearsal 9:30 pm  

February 25th- Music Rehearsal 6 pm

February 26th- Cumulative Review 8 pm 

February 28th- Music Rehearsal 9:30 pm 





Hello! We are the girls of the Delta Alpha chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota at Lebanon Valley College. We are located in the Province Chi A in Region VIII. Shoot us an email if you are interested in finding out more about this cherished sisterhood. Hope you enjoy looking around this website and finding out more about us!

VITA Brevis

ars longa

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